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Long years ago, only few people were living in this place. This place was full of big trees, wild animals and many others. According to the old men, there were big trees located within the place but only few can identify their names. One time, there is a stranger reached the place; he’s fun of collecting wild animals and plants. Suddenly he took a rest in while he was resting then he asked the old man “what’s the name of this tree?”, then the old man reply “Bael” then as years goes by Bael was change to Bail and this will originates from big trees Bael.

Barangay Bail is considered as one of the biggest area among the 24 barangay’s of Santo Tomas, La Union in terms of population and territorial jurisdiction. It is located in the mountainous place, situated between barangay’s. It is bounded on the west by casilagan, Santo Tomas, La Union, and on the north by Pongpong, Santo Tomas, la Union, and on the south by Fernando, Santo Tomas, La Union and on the east by Marcos, Rosario, La Union. The total area of the barangay is more or less 4,308,998.50 sq.meters and it has atotal population of 2232.

The primary source of livelihood in the barangay is farming. Most farmers engaged in small business such as dealers, store retailers, livestock and poultry production, jeep and tricycle operators etc. which can provide them an extra income aside from the earnings out of their farm outputs. Most families in alternatives, earning profit out of their skills just to send their children in college, so Bail has produced number of graduates in any professions who are working now in the different agencies, public and private institutions in and out of the country.

Economic Status

Barangay Bail is quietly wealth in terms of production. Some of the residents live under poverty level except those families who are professionals, those who are engaged in small business and others are working abroad. According to them, farming is the hardest work but it’s challenging in spite of the difficulties they experienced.

Source of Energy

Almost 2232 residents in the barangay are enjoying the benefits of having a good light provided by the La Union Electric Cooperative Inc. (LUELCO). Some of the households using liquefied gas, several of them are using woods and the others are using electric stove in cooking their foods.


Barangay bail were completed the projects such as Barangay Auditorium, Barangay Hall, Health Center, Day Care, Multi-purpose stage, Chapel, Water System, Barangay Roads etc. The major street from the National Road to the barangay were already cemented except the northern part of the barangay bound to Pongpong, Santo tomas, La Union remain uncemented. The barangay road is accessible for all kinds of vehicles and the road was installed “street lights” from both ends of the barangay boundary.

Water System

Barangay bail is wealth in water sources. Water system were provided with all the sectors of the barangay by using “water tank” which will supply residents among it’s sectoral jurisdiction. The main source of water is coming from the spring and the rest will get their water needs through pump well or deep well.

Transportation and Communication

The barangay roads were fully cemented and are accessible for all kinds of transportation anytime. The vehicles being used most of the residents are jeepneys, tricycles, bus transporting their products in going in other neighboring towns and provinces.

Barangay Bail has no telephone lines installed except those who have cellular’s which will serve as their did of communication. Letters are sent through dropping in the post office of the municipality.