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Baybay is a well known barangay in Santo Tomas, La Union, with a very hospitable and respectful people. Many visitors are coming here to visit especially in time of summer. It is situated on the western part of the town and it is about 8 kilometers away. Most of the occupation of the people here is fishing. On the seashore are lots of motor bancas used by the fishermen early in the morning. According to the older folks, Baybay was originated from the word “IGID” in Ilokano term which means, Seashore. The dialect used by the population of this little community is pangasinan and seashore means Baybay. The area of this barangay have 234.032 hectares. Residential lot area have 53 hectares, palay area have 28 hectares. Idle land area have 5 hectares and agricultural area have 175,282 hectares. This early inhabitants builts houses near the beach because the good environment and fresh air coming from the deep blue sea. Fishing as their main occupation, is one of the money maker of improvement of this barangay and the main source of their income. Parents will be able to send their children to school for better education of their hardship and sacrifices and patient in fishing. They are really industrious, hospitable and respectful. The reflect attitude and practice of the people of the barangay consider good. The beliefs and principle of their forefather and the influence of the barangay leader and officials as well known as the majority populace. On the other hand, leader of the barangay Baybay are very cooperative with regard of the implementation of the New Ordinance, visitors will enjoy the hospitality of the barrio folk for the simple reason that this is the place of the good environment. As of now, barangay baybay, total no. of the population according to the latest survey 1,596 population, CY 2013, headed by the barangay captain, Maximo B. Paculan. It has 370 families, 287 households and 14 vacant house. The number of pre-scholar more or less 6 which the no. of BNVL is 12 below normal very low in nutrition status and the rest are normal.